Charlie Sheen’s ‘Men’ Character May Get Killed Off


According to the latest reportsTwo and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre is still fuming about Charlie Sheen’s public trash talking. So much so, that he may be killing off the star’s Charlie Harper character for good!

Obviously sending Charlie to the great beyond would make a return appearance very difficult. And that’s exactly why Lorre’s doing it. He reportedly wants to make it impossible for Sheen to ever set foot on the Men set again.

No other major plot details have been leaked as of yet, but the rumor is that Charlie Harper may meet his end in a car accident. It’s still unclear how new cast member Ashton Kutcher would fit in, but there is talk that his character may buy the Malibu house where the show is set.

We imagine the actual plot will be under a tight lock and key until the season premiere in the fall. But with all of the high-profile drama continuing to follow series, you can bet that Kutcher’s debut will deliver some manly-sized ratings.



By Michael Lopez



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