Manny Ramirez Domestic Battery Charges Dropped


It seems the Florida State Attorney’s office has dropped the domestic battery case against baseball great Manny Ramirez. But that hasn’t stopped the media from speculating about whether the charges were true.

The reason Manny won’t have to face a judge is because his wife has become an “uncooperative witness.” Now does that mean that his alleged slap to her head didn’t happen? Or is she getting intimidated not to testify?

Ramirez’ wife Juliana has actively avoided participating in the case, even going so far as to leave the state. Whatever her reasons, it’s good news for Manny, who at one point was facing serious jail time for the incident.

To help cope, Ramirez has distanced himself from Florida too. He’s currently in the middle of spring training for the Oakland A’s and he has into powerful home runs.


By Michael Lopez


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