New in..Fashion? Adidas Creates New Cowboy Boot Sneakers

Somebody at Adidas must have paying attention to Latin America’s pointy boot craze. This week, the company announced their version of the Mexican kicks with the decked-out MEGA Soft Cell Shoes.
Designed by shoe legend Jeremy Scott, these cowboy boot-hybrids clearly have the Regional community in mind. Even the description on the Adidas site brings up rodeo and dancing innuendos.
Love them or hate them, the kicks are certainly original. Designed like a typical tennis shoe on the bottom, the leather then extends upwards, ending below the knee. Their black-and-white floral patterns could easily work with tight jeans and giant belt buckles.
But will they sell? The Latino blog Remezcla sure thinks so. They described the designs as the “most Mexican hipster-est thing ever!” And frankly, we might have to agree.
By Michael Lopez

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