Paris Hilton To Open Boutique In Peru



Move over H&M, there’s a new fashion icon on the Latin American block. It seems socialite Paris Hilton has decided to hock her goods to the Hispanic community with a brand new store in Peru.

Titled simply “Paris Hilton,” the shop will sell a variety of handbags, perfumes and accessories. And as you can imagine, everything inside will feature Hilton’s trademark bling bling style (meaning they won’t be cheap!).

The boutique is set to open in the country’s Plaza Norte shopping center this fall. The Lima-based mall has become quite a Peruvian hotspot, hosting a variety of luxury stores and even some very famous guests.

And despite popular belief, Hilton has proven herself to be a rather successful businesswoman. Outside of Latin America, her stores have had success in India, South Korea and the Philippines.


By Michael Lopez


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