Pauly D’s Reps Shoot Down Celebrity Boxing Rumors



This week, the web was fluttering with rumors about a Mario Lopez/Pauly D fistfight. Now granted this wouldn’t have been an angry brawl built out of hatred, but rather a friendly boxing match set to go down in the name of charity. It all sounded harmless enough…IF the story was true.

Interestingly, Friday afternoon Pauly’s reps shot down the report, emphasizing that the Jersey Shore star would not be throwing on the gloves. In the Twitterverse things got even more heated, with D backing up his PR rep’s angry rant against Radar Online.

@AKRPR Is Fired Up !!!!” he wrote. “I Think She Wants To Go In The Ring With The Guys Posting False Rumors On Radar.”

It certainly made for a good headline while it lasted. But for now, if you want to see Pauly flex his bare chest and biceps, you’ll just have to tune in to the new season of the Shore.



By Michael Lopez


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