Roseanne Barr: I Want to Do Dancing with the Stars


Will Roseanne Barr be the next celebrity to step into the ballroom on Dancing with the Stars?

“I really wanna do that show,” Barr, 58, tells “My hips are bad. I think I need a hip replacement. That’s why I can’t do that Dancing with the Stars s—.” 
Although you won’t catch Barr on DWTS anytime soon, you can watch her Lifetime reality show,Roseanne’s Nuts, about her life on a macadamia nut and livestock farm in Hawaii.

The show’s title begs the question: What nutty stuff has the sitcom sensation-turned author done?

“I have been arrested. For hitchhiking in Denver, Colorado, and went to jail for it. Jesus, that was in the early ’70s … but it was against the law,” Barr tells the site. “But when I did it, you know, it was so fun. I have to thank a lot of great truckers … Nobody was ever a creep or crazy like they are now.”

Barr also shared that she likes to “Twitter nude.”





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