Sofia Vergara Listed As The Highest-Paid Actress On TV


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Take THAT Kim Kardashian! If you want to know who the highest-earning woman on TV is, switch over to ABC’s Modern Family. That’s right, Forbes has listed Sofia Vergara as the biggest female moneymaker with a whopping annual take home of $19 million.

Now granted, Sofia isn’t earning all that cash from Family alone. Her salary took into account those massive deals with K-Mart, Diet Pepsi and a host of other products.

And Kim wasn’t absent from the list either. Kardashian is certainly Keeping Up her finances too, with $18 million earned last year from her TV show and endorsement contracts.

Interestingly enough, another Tr3s fave took home the third slot on the list. Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria scored $15 million for her show, her fragrances and her cat food commercials.



By Michael Lopez


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