The Hunger Games Trilogy Surpasses Harry Potter to Become Best-Selling Book Series


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The Hunger Games trilogy has officially become to best-selling book series on Amazon, surpassing previous fan favorite Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

“Interestingly, this series is only three books versus Harry Potter’s seven, and to achieve this result in just four years is a great testament to both the popularity of the work and, we think, the growth in reading digitally during that time,” Sara Nelson, editorial director of books and Kindle at Amazon, said of the sales record (the actual sales figures have not been released at this time).

The trilogy of dystopian novels by Suzanne Collins, which includes the title debut novel, as well as the follow-up, Catching Fire, and final installation, Mockingjay, are also being adapted into films, the first of which also fared quite well at the box office.

Though the material is quite different, both The Hunger Games and Harry Potter focus on fantastical worlds where dark forces and oppressive governments make a fight between good and evil necessary to survival, with the power of hope being an overwhelming theme.

Which series did you prefer?



by Bri Taylor


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