Thieves Make Off With Francisca Valenzuela’s Music Instruments


Be on the lookout if someone tries to sell you a fancy keyboard or guitar in the next few days, they may belong to Francisca Valenzuela! The Chilean-born songstress recently had over $20,000 worth of instruments stolen.

According to reports, the thieves broke in to Francisca’s private studio in Santiago and made out with a truckload of equipment. Pianos, guitars, basses, microphones, and more have been reported stolen.

Interestingly, Valenzuela has taken to Facebook and Twitter to help recover the lost items. She’s sent out pictures of every instrument taken and pled with her followers to help identify the culprits.

Judging by her tweets, the response has been enormous. Thousands of Fran fans have lent their support and condolences. Let’s hope one of them can help nab those callous boogie woogie bandits.



By Michael Lopez


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