William Levy Becomes Spokesman For Pepsi NEXT


By Michael Lopez 157744_la

You knew it was only a matter of time before William Levy started raking in the endorsement deals. Fresh off his success on Dancing With The Stars, the Cuban-American hunk is a hot commodity and a new spokesman for Pepsi NEXT.

Levy was recently spotted chugging down cans of the famous soda and (not surprisingly) posing in a very tight shirt. Clearly Pepsi is planning to use his trim physique as part of the campaign, as NEXT focuses on a low calorie count.

And for the record, Pepsi NEXT has some interesting new flavors too. Thirsty consumers will now be able to choose from cherry vanilla and paradise mango.

William, it seems, prefers the classic cola taste. In the shot that was recently plastered on the web, he’s seen sipping from the standard blue can. And we’re sure we’ll see him doing a lot more than that when the official ad campaign kicks off later this month. 



By Michael Lopez


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