Chris Pine Was Surprised by New ‘Star Trek 4’ Writer Hire Because ‘I Thought There Was Already a Script…I Was Wrong or They Decided to Pivot’

Have you heard the latest chisme about our beloved Star Trek universe? Buckle up, because just got us all intrigued during his whirlwind “Poolman” press , as revealed in his spicy little chat with Business Insider. Turns out, the cosmos of Star Trek is brewing with surprises!

Chris, who has been our dashing Captain Kirk since the J.J. Abrams 2009 reboot “Star Trek”, was taken aback when he discovered that Steve Yockey, the mastermind behind the Max series “The Flight Attendant”, was drafted to pen the script for “Star Trek 4.” Why the surprise, you ask? Chris thought a script was already en juego! Imagine that – amidst the stars but out of the loop!

Since “Star Trek Beyond” in 2016, the idea of a fourth film had been floating around like a lost satellite. Variety spilled the beans this March that Paramount Pictures is still all-in on bringing us another Star Trek adventure starring Pine and his . Ah, and what a crew we have! With Zachary Quinto's brilliant Cmdr. Spock, 's fierce Lt. Nyota Uhura, and others, it's like a in the galactic federation!

But aquí's the twist – Chris confessed, “I honestly don't know much,” when bombarded with questions about the updates. “There was something in the about a new coming on board. I thought there was already a script, but parece que no, or maybe they switched gears. With ‘Trek,' it's always a wait-and-see game.”

Changing isn't new in Hollywood, but this galactic carousel sure is something else. Apart from Yockey, the has seen potential inputs from Quentin Tarantino with an R-rated script idea – imagínate eso! And let's not forget the involvement of Matt Shakman and writers Lindsey Beer and Geneva Robertson-Dworet, before it all unfortunately unraveled faster than a warp speed malfunction.

Now, as we set our sights beyond, unsure if Yockey's vision of “Star Trek 4” will indeed skyrocket, Paramount is also crafting another Star Trek movie. This one dives into the origins of our favorite space explorations with writing and Toby Haynes directing. Plus, another project penned by Kalinda Vazquez is still simmering on the back burner – muy interesante!

During his reflective moment with Business Insider, Chris also shared how it wasn't until “Star Trek Beyond”, the third movie, that he truly felt he filled Kirk's boots seamlessly. He admitted, “Karl Urban dove straight into McCoy because Karl loved Star Trek. With Spock, you have to do Spock-things, plus Zach kind of looked like Leonard [Nimoy]. And then Kirk is a tricky one. You are the lead of the band of characters, so you don't want to occupy too much space.”

Chris added that while he subtly paid homage to William Shatner's iconic portrayal, it wasn't until the third film that he felt truly dialed into the character, without trying “too hard.”

So, amigos y amigas, as we navigate the stars and the stories of our favorite space saga, stay tuned. Whether we're jetting off to new adventures or revisiting the beloved classics, it's all about enjoying the ride – no matter what surprises the galaxy throws our way! ¡Hasta la próxima, Star Trek fans!

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