Ángela Aguilar: The Rising Star Fueling Her Family’s Musical Dynasty

Bienvenidos, amigos y amigas, to the world of Latin music dinastías. And who's the rising star of today? None other than the pride of la familia Aguilar—. She's la hija del muy famoso Pepe Aguilar and the nieta of legendary antepasados, Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre. Can you feel the pride? This chica is all about carrying forward the musical torch of her family, and she is doing it in a truly sensational manera.

“¿Sabes qué?” she says with a passion that's as captivating as her voice. “Knowing how hard my abuelos worked for their success fills me with an immense sense of orgullo.” And we can see why. Ángela, at the tender age of 20, has already stepped into the shoes of her famous ancestors, touring across the country with her padre and her hermano Leonardo, keeping the family's thrilling ‘Jaripeo Hasta Los Huesos Tour' alive, a her grandparents proudly started back in the swinging 60s. “I strive to uphold our family's name every day,” says Ángela, “and I want to represent it in the most respectful way.”

At just three años, when most of us were learning to recite nursery rhymes, Ángela made her debut on the stage, joining her family on tour. Fast forward five años, and she released her first album, a of , mariachi, and norteño sounds, developed with Leonardo. “At that moment, it hit me,” Ángela recalls, “I was part of something más grande than myself.”

Now, she resides like a queen in música mexicana, one of only a few mujeres in the genre making their own camino in the male-dominated field. She's had three número uno songs on the Billboard's Regional Mexican Airplay chart, including the five-week topper “Dime Como Quieras” with Christian Nodal. Let's not forget about her fabulous solo tour across the ., the Piensa En Mí Tour, in 2023.

“For me, to sing is both solitario and beautiful,” Ángela shares, her voice strong but soft. “One moment, you're singing in front of a crowd and the next, you're all alone in your hotel room,” she says, “But I am lucky. I have my amada familia who shares the same experiences, and they teach me, inspire me, each weekend.”

Recientemente, Ángela dropped ‘Bolero', a nine-song masterpiece, produced by none other than her musical padre and dedicado to the romantic genre of Bolero, borning in the late 19th century. This gorgeous (LP) comes straight from the depths of her corazón and it is her way of the of the music that graced her hogar with her fans. “I am tratando to get the younger generation to love and appreciate this kind of music,” she declares with orgullo. “This is my greatest passion. I've inherited not just the love for it, but also the admiration from generations of fans because I'm part of this musical dynasty. It's such a thing of beaut,” she says with a sure nod. What a testament to the corazón of this young mujer!

Stay tuned, amigos y amigas, for more insider scoops and sounds of Latin music. Hasta la próxima!

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