BAWDY! Angela Simmons Celebrates Completing 30-Day Fitness Challenge With Dance Video

Angela Simmons is giving fans a preview of her body-ody-ody-ody after a recent fitness challenge. The former actress debuted her 30-day journey on Instagram in early October. She kept her 7.9 million Instagram followers updated with re-cap workout videos throughout the month.

On Nov. 1, Simmons revealed her fitness W by taking on singer Tyla’s “Water” challenge. The TikTok challenge involves dancing with your hips as you pour a liquid, usually water, on your moving back area.

Clutching a champagne bottle, Angela Simmons tackled the dance while on a sandy beach. It’s unclear where the video was filmed, but the bawdy and background were competing for first place!

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“Celebrating the finish line!! 30 days completed. #HeSaidICouldPostThis,” Simmons wrote in her post caption.

Peep her waistline below.

As mentioned, she kept fans updated on her journey via carousel throughout the month. On day 23 of the fitness challenge, Angela shared a video of her working out on a football field with trainer Ashley J.

Day 27’s update features a video of Angela exercising near an unpaved road. Celebrity trainer Maria Castillo helped Simmons with bandwork, cardio, and even yoga in the clip.

Day 29’s post was a lil’ flex of her abs in a bright green sweatsuit featuring a cropped jacket and kicks.

And “He” Is? More On Angela Simmons & Gotti’s Romance

For those who missed it, the HE in Angela’s celebratory post is obviously her boyfriend, Yo Gotti. After years of publicly shooting his shot, Gotti and Angela debuted their romance in November 2022. They had already been spotted together for her 35th birthday in September. Then, they appeared to be vacationing together in October in Paris and Dubai.

After being spotted at a birthday celebration for Gotti’s mother, Angela posted a photo with Gotti’s face covered by a heart. By January of this year, she let fans know the “Down in the DM” rapper was all hers.

“Happier than I ever been,” Angela Simmons wrote on Instagram.

After Yo Gotti answered Angela’s phone call during a live interview, the innanet exploded with warm reactions to their romance.

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