Did You Know? Dr. Marian Croak, The Black Woman You Can Thank For Internet Call Technology (Video)


Roommates, Have you ever texted in to vote for your favorite contestant during a live show? How about hopping on a call from your computer? If so, you can thank the brilliant innovator that we’re celebrating today, Dr. Marian Croak, who happens to be one of only two Black women in the National Inventors Hall of Fame!

Dr. Marian Croak Developed Voice Over Internet Protocols Technology

Dr. Marian Croak is best known for developing Voice Over Internet Protocols technology. Without this technology, you wouldn’t be able to convert your voice into a digital signal or make calls directly from a computer or digital device.

While Working at AT&T Bell Laboratories, She Furthered Voice and Text Messaging Technology On Cellular Phones.

Her career took off while working at AT&T Bell Laboratories. It was there that she furthered technology in areas such as voice and text messaging on cellular phones.

Croak Joined Google In 2014, Where She Vice President of Engineering

Croak joined Google in 2014, where she now is vice president of engineering and leads the Research Center for Responsible AI and Human Centered Technology.

Not only is she an innovator in the voice and data communication fields but she and her team also developed technology that allows people to send text-based donations to charity.

Hit play above to learn more about Marian Croak and how she’s made history.

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