UPDATE: Tory Lanez Begs Judge Not ‘To Ruin His Life’ Ahead Of Court Hearing For New Trial

Embattled rapper Tory Lanez reportedly begged a Los Angeles judge not to “ruin” his life Monday ahead of a court hearing for a new trial on Tuesday (May 9), according to crime reporter Meghann Cuniff.

The 30-year-old pleaded with Judge David Herriford, who is Black, and attempted to appeal to the judge’s sense of solidarity.

“Please don’t ruin my life. I could be your son, I could be your brother,” Lanez said.

Cuniff tweeted that Lanez’s outburst didn’t cause much of a commotion in the court, however, a sheriff’s deputy reportedly told the rapper to shut up several times.

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Judge Herriford did not respond to Lanez’s pleas. However, officials quickly removed Lanez from the courtroom without incident, Cuniff reports.

Lanez’s Attorneys Battle With Judge Ahead Of Motion For A New Trial

Earlier in the proceedings on Monday, Lanez’s attorney Jose Baez engaged in a series of prolonged arguments with Judge Herriford.

According to Cuniff, who was in court during Monday’s hearing, Baez argued that the district attorney was trying to make Lanez out to be a misogynistic rapper in the first trial.

Meanwhile, Baez also took issue with the inability to call witnesses and defense experts. Herriford replied that he knows Baez doesn’t practice law in this jurisdiction because, “in this jurisdiction, this is how motions for new trial work,” Cuniff’s tweet-thread read.

New DNA Expert Says Tory’s DNA Was ‘Excluded’ On The Gun, Judge Questions Why No Objection At Trial

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from Monday’s court appearance surrounded the subject of DNA found on the gun used to shoot at Megan Thee Stallion.

Cuniff explained:

“One big thing from today: It was made clear that the argument that Lanez’s DNA is excluded from the gun is NOT based on new evidence. It’s a new expert analyzing the same DNA evidence prosecutors used in trial and that Lanez’s original expert analyzed as inclusive.”

Tory’s legal team also attempted to label his former counsel as ineffective, but the judge questioned them as to why they didn’t object to the DNA during the first trial. When pressed about claiming Tory’s previous counsel George Mgdesyan was ineffective, Jose Baez only offered it was “by way of conflict.”

“I don’t know anybody in this country who’d want to go to trial with a lawyer who’s been on the case less than two weeks,” Baez said of Mgdesyan’s counsel.

Baez went on to say: “I was trying to be as delicate as I could under the circumstance… I gain no pleasure from attacking any defense lawyer” of Mgdesyan’s alleged ineffective counsel.

Judge Shoots Down Argument That Jurors Should Have Never Heard The Name “Tory Lanez” At Trial

Another lawyer representing Lanez reportedly argued that jurors shouldn’t have heard the name “Tory Lanez” due to it being a creative expression.

However, Cuniff tweeted that Judge Herriford shot back that Lanez’s own attorney repeatedly called him “Tory Lanez” throughout the trial.

After the judge convicted him on three counts in December, Lanez will be back in court again Tuesday (May 9).

It’s expected that he will learn his fate regarding a new trial.

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