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The Five Best Men’s Hairstyles As Voted On By Women

The Five Best Men’s Hairstyles As Voted On By Women 6

As men, we have a lot of choices when choosing our hairstyle. To help you choose the right one, here are 5 of the best men’s hairstyles according to women.

These men’s hairstyles are guaranteed to attractive and sexy, which is more than enough for a good start.

1. Jared Leto’s hairstyle

Long hair gathered in a messy tail in Jared Leto’s style.

2. Ryan Reynolds’ hairstyle

 Short military hairstyle like Ryan Reynolds, where the side parts are completely shortened, and the middle part is a little longer.

3. Ryan Gosling’s hairstyle

The classic hairstyle of Ryan Gosling which is styled to the side (but keep in mind that the hair should be a little messy).

4. Jon Snow’s hairstyle

 Jon Snow’s curls, of which some are combed back, and some are falling on the face freely.

5. David Beckham’s hairstyle


A haircut in Danish style like the one of David Beckham, in which the top part is longer and combed back, and the side parts are shorter.

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