INTERVIEW: New Leading Man Ramon Rodriguez

Ramon Rodriguez takes on leading man status in BATTLE: LOS ANGELES alongside Aaron Eckhart and the Puerto Rican-born is set to star as Bosley in the revamp of the tv classic “Charlie’s Angel’s.”  The up and coming actor Ramon Rodriguez talks to CineMovie about making it in Hollywood, whether aliens exist and what he learned from Michael Bay about acting in special effect scenes.

The New York native has been in the Hollywood trenches since 2005, making his rounds on television shows such as “Rescue Me”, “Day Break”, “The Wire” and on the big screen alongside Denzel Washington and John Travolta in The Taking Pelham 123.  In BATTLE: LOS ANGELES, Ramon is Lieutenant Martinez, leading a group of Marines into a rescue mission in Los Angeles to save civilians from the invading aliens.  Michelle Rodriguez (Fast and Furious) and Michael Peña (World Trade Center, Crash) also have significant roles in BATTLE: LOS ANGELES, making the action movie a first in Hollywood to cast a handful of Latinos in a racially diverse cast. No token minorities in this film.

Ramon addresses the casting choice in BATTLE: LA and whether it’s getting easier for actors such as himself to get roles in Hollywood.  The Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen star also touches on whether he believes in aliens and how his time on the Michael Bay set taught him how to react to explosions and special effects as an actor.

For more with Ramon Rodriguez, watch the interview.




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