Jelly Roll Wins 3 CMT Awards Including Video of the Year

Puro Ñam-Ñam! Triumphs at CMT Music

The Victory

Can you hear the celebratory guitarrón strums, mi gente? Our very own Jelly Roll made us proud as he crashed into the country music scene like a well-shorn toro at the CMT Music Awards. Sweeping not one, not two, but TRES categories–a mi, no me lo cuenten! The Nashville-native ‘cracked the sky' with his indomitable spirit and unprecedented talent. What can we say? When you've got it, tienes it.

Video of the Year: A True Obra de Arte

“But wait, Zay Zay,” you ask. “What categories did he sweep?” Well, let me chismearte a bit about it. Jelly Roll walked away with the night's top honor– “Video of the Year”– for his hit song “Save Me”. Como dicen, a picture says a thousand words, but a music video says even more–especially when it's done this bien. The video layers the raw emotion of Jelly Roll's lyrics with visual that hits you right in the corazón. If wasn't meant to evoke such passion, entonces, ¿qué es el arte?

“Save Me”: Un Canto en la Noche

Detailing his struggles with mental health and substance in his music, Jelly Roll's “Save Me” is a beacon of , an undisturbed safety line singing out in the dark. This song of , struggle and survival, became an anthem for many who saw themselves reflected in the lyrics. There's no mystery to why it's resonating with so many, es puro sentimiento.

Triple Crown Victory

As if one award wasn't enough, Jelly Roll también scooped twin titles for “Best Feature” and “Best Performance in a Video”. This is no small feat considering the calibre of the competition. Only one word can encapsulate this triple crown victory: ¡Impresionante!

Una Celebración

Mi gente, what a wonderful moment for our Latino community, and for the music world in general. Jelly Roll's victory is a testament of true grit and perseverance, showing that no matter where we come from, our dreams are within reach. Our Latino voices are not only heard, but they can also steal the and sweep the stage. I say we need more of us in these spaces, ¿no piensas lo mismo?

Adelante, Mi Gente

So raise a glass, mi gente, or perhaps a hearty ‘¡Salud!' to our . Let's keep the music playing. Keep the celebrations rolling. And most importantly, let's keep supporting artists like Jelly Roll who continue to break barriers through their art. Porque como bien sabe nuestro Jelly, no importa cuán dura sea la batalla, nunca nos rendimos.

¡Felicidades, Jelly! A toast to you, your music and the culture it beautifully represents. Thank you for assuring Latinos everywhere that we too can dream big, achieve more and reign on any stage we dare to tread. Here's to more sweeping victories ahead!

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