Kevin Alves Lands Recurring Role in Netflix’s ‘No Good Deed’

Hola, mis amigos y amigas, hope you're sazón ready for a spicy scoop en el mundo de la televisión. Remember when our primo Kevin Alves spiced up “Shadowhunters” and “Nurses” with his charm? Bueno, now he's bringing sabor Latino to another stage! Saltéen un poquito, drumroll, please… Kevin Alves is joining the cast of Netflix's “No Good Deed”! Yeah, you read right!

Getting Down with the Deeds

“No Good Deed” is a whip-smart comedy that centers around our chica Dani, a whip-smart entrepreneur. Dani's life flips when her high school crush dies and wills her a , beautiful old house… but oops, hold your jalapeños, the house is supposedly haunted. But hey, like abuela would say, “A casa regalada, no le mires el fantasma”, right?

That's where our Canadian-Brazilian standout, Kevin Alves, comes in. He'll be stepping into the shoes of Andrew, a ghost hunter who doesn' quite ghost hunt. ¿Cómo así? You see, Andrew's persona for his ghost hunting YouTube channel is much more adventurous than he is in real life. Isn't our life sometimes ?

Adding Sabor to ‘No Good Deed'

In an industry that still struggles with diversity, it's refreshing to see Latino like Kevin Alves landing roles in high-profile shows. Alves is not just a fresh face; he's a reflection of our culture, our struggle, y nuestras victorias. We know that abuelita's sagas about la llorona are going to spice up ghost dialogues, ¿verdad? His role in “No Good Deed” is our chance to see a Latino character's perspective unfolding on the , and that's muy importante, mi gente.

Riding High on La Ola Latina

It's no secret Latinos are making waves – from JLo at the Super Bowl to “In the Heights” on Broadway – and we're catching that ola too, right? Kevin Alves joining “No Good Deed” is another pago in the right direction. Showrunners have highlighted and celebrated Latin culture and its unique quirks, and when better to ride this wave than during Hispanic Heritage Month?

So, hold on tight, porque this rollercoaster is only speeding up! Let's cheer on our own Kevin Alves as he steps into the limelight, proving once again that Latinos can be the life of the party – or in this case, the afterlife of the party!

Remember, we're more than just the spice; somos la salsa, el merengue, y el del mundo de pop culture. We are the rhythm, the color, the zest that's making shows, music, and sizzle with richness and diversity. Y eso, mis amigos, is something to be proud of.

So, grab your popcorn and a blanket, because when “No Good Deed” hits Netflix, we're throwing a party, Latino style. ¡Nos vemos cuando el show comienza amigos!

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