Refresh Your Laundry Room for Less with Samsung’s Memorial Day 2023 Washer and Dryer Deals


Memorial Day is less than a week away and savings on big-ticket items like appliances are hallmarks of the holiday weekend. If you often catch yourself wishing for an upgraded washer and dryer, you don’t want to miss Samsung’s Memorial Day sale. Washers and dryers aren’t cheap, but these Samsung deals are knocking thousands of dollars off the brand’s smart laundry machines.

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Samsung’s biggest washer and dryer deal right now takes more than $2,000 off a bestselling laundry set bundle. The washer with Smart Dial FlexWash learns and recommends your preferred washing cycles — allowing you to do two separate loads of laundry simultaneously. This Memorial Day deal marks the lowest price we’ve ever seen on our readers’ favorite washer and dryer set, so now’s the perfect time to step up your cleaning capabilities.

Save $2,017 on a Samsung washer and dryer pair featuring Smart Dial FlexWash, Super Speed Wash, Smart Dial FlexDry and Super Speed Dry. The dryer automatically optimizes the time and temperature to protect clothes from heat damage. Meanwhile, Vibration Reduction Technology+ reduces noise and vibration for quiet washing. 



Complete with Super Speed Wash, the washer finishes a full load in 28 minutes without sacrificing performance. The dryer with Smart Dial FlexDry and Super Speed Dry not only finishes a full load in 30 minutes, but also has Steam Sanitize+ to help eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria on clothing.

When it comes to essential home appliances, a high-quality washing machine and dryer that can handle any clothes you throw at it is a must-have. This week, the Samsung Memorial Day Sale is offering huge discounts on impressive washers and dryers to refresh your laundry room for less.

From front load laundry machines to top load models, shop all the best Memorial Day deals on top-rated Samsung washers and dryers to make laundry day easier for years to come.

Memorial Day Front Load Washer and Dryer Deals

Not only do these washers save you floor space, but they also tend to use less water than other designs — and less laundry detergent as a result, too.

The clean, flat-panel design of this electric dryer fits your home’s style while the added MultiControl kit lets you control your dryer right from your washer, making it easy to reach when stacked on top.



Samsung’s best-selling smart washer and dryer set features AI Powered Smart Dial controls that help users to personalize their preferred washing or drying cycles. You save more when you bundle this duo together, and you get free installation and haul-away.


This dryer unit essentially has two dryers built into it. The brand explains that, thanks to the Smart Dial and Flex Dry tech, you can dry both your delicates and other everyday clothes at the same time. 



This smart dial front load washer earned itself the 2021 Best Smart Washing Machine by Good Housekeeping, so you know its smart features and Wi-Fi connectivity are top of the line. This model also comes equipped with CleanGuard antimicrobial technology, which helps prevent mildew, mold and unwanted smells from building up in the drum of your Samsung washer.


Pair your front load washer with this smart dial front load dryer. With multiple speed options, you can use functions like the Super Speed Dry cycle to dry your clothes in just 30 minutes. You can also choose from an electric or a gas option.



Memorial Day Top Load Washer and Dryer Deals

Top load washers tend to be a slightly less expensive and more ergonomic than front load washers. Plus, these home appliances tend to run on the quieter side, which is an added bonus. 

Schedule your next laundry load or remotely start your cycle with the Smart Electric Dryer’s WiFi capabilities for easy connectivity. This dryer’s Steam Sanitize+ helps sanitize clothing and reduce wrinkles and odors.


When you fill up the detergent drawer on this smart top top washer, the device will automatically dispense the right amount of detergent and fabric softener every time you start a load of laundry. This Auto Dispense System makes laundry day a lot easier (especially if you have a heavy bulk-sized detergent.)


The Samsung ActiveWave Agitator in this top load washer helps diminish noise and prevents tangling while you wash your clothes. Plus, this model has an easy Self Clean function, so the tub always stays sanitary. 



Pretreat your laundry with the faucet that’s built into this model. And choose between three different color choices: platinum, white and brushed black. Plus, you can choose between an impeller and an agitator. Just so you know an impeller makes the machine is a bit quieter and uses less water than an agitator does (however, an impeller does cost a bit more).



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