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COMPADRES Interview – ZayZay Heads To Skype To Chat with Omar Chaparro

COMPADRES Interview - ZayZay Heads To Skype To Chat with Omar Chaparro
ZayZay gets on Skype to chate with COMPADRES star Omar Chaparro Interview

Zay Zay had the privilege of interviewing the incomparable Omar Chaparro form the set of EyeOpener TV to talk about his movie Compadres which also stars Joey Morgan, Eric Roberts, Kevin Pollak, Aislinn Derbez and Camila Sodi.

Why is important to make Bi-Lingual movies?
Omar breaks it down.

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Omar Chaparro, Joey Morgan, Erick Elias, Camila Sodi, Eric Roberts, Kevin Pollak, Héctor Jiménez

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Synospis: After being freed from prison, GARZA (Omar Chaparro), a former policeman, yearns for revenge against SANTOS (Erick Elias), the man who had kidnapped his girlfriend MARIA (Aislinn Derbez) and accused him of a crime he didn’t commit. To recover his girlfriend and demonstrate his innocence to the world, Garza will have to join forces and work along with a 17-year-old American hacker named VIC (Joey Morgan). After experiencing a clash of personalities, cultures language, and age differences, they realize that the Garza’s brutish strength and Vic’s smarts makes the perfect combination to locate Santos. On the road, they will meet EMILIA (Camila Sodi), a tender yet strong girl whose arrival complicates things, becoming a bone of contention, added to a pair of vicious and hateful assassins (Joaquín Cosió, Héctor Jiménez and Mauricio Barrientos), and a rancher without a ranch (Don Cheto). This adrenaline-filled action comedy is a coproduction between Lionsgate and Televisa, and stars Omar Chaparro, one of the most popular actors in Mexico and the United States, along with Aislinn Derbez, a young actress that follows in the footsteps of her father Eugenio Derbez.

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