LEGO Launches Epic Star Wars Sets for May the 4th: Shop the Best New Releases Now

We could theorize why Star Wars fans are often LEGO fans as well, but the bottom line is that they’re both awesome. 

Today is Star Wars Day, so we can tell all our friends “May the 4th be with you.” To celebrate the special day, LEGO has released new Star Wars collection sets. Along with these exciting new builds, LEGO is dishing out special offers, like adding on a free Star Wars set, when you spend a certain amount on LEGO Star Wars merchandise.

Shop LEGO Star Wars Deals

Until May 7, shoppers can cash in on LEGO Star Wars Day deals in a few ways. Get a free Star Wars Death Star II if you make a purchase of $150 or more. For an even sweeter deal, you can get a free miniature LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter if you spend $40 or more on their Star Wars products. VIP members (which you can become for free) can earn 2x the points on all their Star Wars purchases and can even get 20% off certain sets by redeeming 100 VIP points at checkout. 

When building these intricate LEGO Star Wars sets, patience you must have my young Padawan. But the fun of putting them together and the final result are totally worth it. Below, we’ve rounded up the latest LEGO Star Wars releases and deals you won’t want to miss during this legendary Star Wars Day sale. You won’t want to wait too long before purchasing, as some coveted sets have already sold out.

One of LEGO’s newest Star Wars sets, the X-Wing Fighter is only available to VIP Members. Sign up here to become a VIP and secure one for yourself.


With over 7,500 pieces, this LEGO Millennium Falcon will provide hours and hours of entertainment. Along with the necessary pieces to create the large ship, it also comes with the Star Wars characters you love like Chewbacca, Han Solo, C-3PO and more.


At nearly two feet tall, this AT-AT will be a statement piece in any collector’s home. Add it to your cart ASAP because this one is selling out fast.


The Pirate Snug Fighter is a great option if you want a LEGO set that is also designed to be flown around the living room in a child’s hand.


Build a replica of one of the biggest moments in the Star Wars franchise with the Emperor’s Throne Room Diorama. 


Another memorable moment to display, the Endor Speeder Chase Diorama is from a scene directly out of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.


If you have 100 VIP points, you can save $20 on the iconic Boba Fett Throne Room made famous in the original movie when Jabba the Hut sat upon the throne. 




Created for young kids ages 4 and up, this easy-to-build AT-ST is great for the child who wants to be a Jedi when they grow up. Save $5 on the family-friendly set by redeeming 100 VIP points.


If you’ve ever felt yourself drawn to the dark side, the Dark Trooper Helmet is a LEGO set you’ll want to add to your cart. Save $15 on the helmet to celebrate Star Wars Day by redeeming your VIP points. 


Save over $30 when you redeem VIP points on The Justifier, a ship from the animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch.


Redeem 100 VIP points to save 20% on this set featuring three figures from Andor, the speed bike and a mobile tac-pod. 


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