Prince Harry Set To Become First UK Royal To Enter Witness Box In 130 Years; Defending Lawyer Calls Claim “Trivial” And “Almost Non-Existent”


As Prince Harry prepares to become next month the first senior British royal to enter a courtroom witness box for 130 years, his case is being slammed by his legal opponents. 

Harry is suing the Mirror Group of newspapers in the UK, claiming they performed unlawful activities to gather stories about him between 1991 and 2011, a claim they say is “slim to non-existent.” The publisher denies the allegations. 

The Times reports the publisher’s lawyer, Andrew Green KC, telling the Court that evidence of call data to support phone hacking allegations was “slim to utterly non-existent”, and many stories involved were of a “breathtaking level of triviality.”

Harry is one of a group of high-profile figures – as many as 100, not all named – suing the Mirror Group for alleged phone hacking, deception and other illicit means of obtaining stories to publish. 

Harry is fighting legal battles on many fronts. As well as his expected courtroom appearance for this suit next month, he is also suing publishers of the Daily Mail and The Sun in the UK for similar past alleged offences. Additionally, he is suing the British Home Office over the level of taxpayer-funded personal security he believes he entitled to claim, following his family’s move to Los Angeles in 2020.

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