‘Prometheus’ On Track for Prequel For 2016 Release

'Prometheus' On Track for Prequel For 2016 Release

So Fox has officially announced a sequel to Prometheus, the Alien movie that didn’t really have any Alien aliens, but did have the aliens who made those aliens, and also a squid baby. Prometheus made a decent-though-not-tremendous chunk of change when it came out, and its mystery-laden plot inspired plenty of chatter. And whether you liked the movie or not, the prospect of a sequel is intriguing — mainly because it’s difficult to imagine what a sequel to Prometheus would be.

But let’s read the tea leaves for a moment. The original report at TheWrap said that the sequel will be more “alien-y” than Prometheus. Which makes sense: The film ended with the giant squid baby impregnating the giant albino, which gave birth to something resembling the original Alien xenomorph. (Also, if you’re a 20th Century Fox executive, you probably gave Ridley Scott just one note after watching Prometheus: “More aliens, plz?”) TheWrap also puts out the idea that the new film will feature multiple Davids — the android model played by Michael Fassbender. This is a hopeful rumor for two reasons. First, because Fassbender’s android was by far the best part of Prometheus. Second, this means that Prometheus 2 will be Fassbender’s Double Impact.

The screenplay is currently being rewritten by Michael Green. The good news: Michael Green created Kings, a strange and shortlived and kinda wonderful TV show that blended together fantasy and spirituality with sharp characters and complex plots. He could be an ideal collaborator for Scott, who clearly wants to make this Alien offshoot franchise into some kind of Miltonian Space Paradise Lost. Green was also one of four credited screenwriters on Green Lantern, which we shouldn’t blame him for. If anything, that gig might imply that Prometheus 2 will be more of an outer-space movie, unlike the previous film, which was really more about spelunking.

Rumors circulated in summer 2012 that the then-theoretical sequel would be titled Paradise and would focus on the planet of the Engineers (a.k.a. the Space Jockeys),The first film left off with the decapitated David setting off in that direction with Elizabeth Shaw. Still, it’s hard to imagine an entire movie with just Noomi Rapace, the head of Michael Fassbender, and lots of Albino Giants. Maybe Fox will take a cue from their other big blockbuster series and merge a couple different franchise strands together? Like, just theoretically, the film could leap forward in time a couple hundred years. Maybe the Engineers made Elizabeth Shaw an immortal, and now she’s back on Earth fighting against the aliens alongside the clone of Ripley, and meanwhile all of the David androids have formed a religious cult that lives on a wooden planet for some reason.




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