Theo Rossi Hints At New ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Project: “It’s Totally Different. It’s Really Cool”; Upcoming Film ‘Carry On’ Is An Homage To ‘Die Hard’


We’ve already seen the Sons of Anarchy spin-off Mayans M.C. and creator Kurt Sutter has been hinting for some time that there might be more SoA in the pipeline, even specifying a couple of years back that he wants to explore the story of Jax’s son, Abel.

Now it seems SoA‘s return could be pretty soon, according to hints dropped by Theo Rossi during a panel discussion about Emily the Criminal at Soho Works in Los Angeles on Friday.

“There might be something coming up where we’re all back together, which is insane,” Rossi told Deadline. “Charlie [Hunnam]’s gonna announce something soon. If it happens, it’s wild, but if it doesn’t it would be perfect and really cool because we also talk every day.”

When asked if this might be an idea for a Sons of Anarchy movie, Rossi smiled cryptically and said, “It’s totally different. It’s really cool.”

In the original show about the world of SAMCRO, Rossi played Juice Ortiz, who died in the episode “Red Rose” in the show’s final seventh season, while Hunnam played protagonist Jax Teller. The show came to an end in December 2014.

Rossi also noted that while the show was a huge hit with fans, the industry didn’t award it or seem to take much note at the time. “We knew that we were in something that was rarefied air,” he said. “We were the people’s champ. Everybody loved us, but no one in Hollywood gave a s**t about us. The executives, none of them watched it, they didn’t care. But we couldn’t walk two seconds without people being super-hyped that we were all together and we were all friends. We knew we were on something special and different, very different from Mad Men, very different from a lot of the shows that were going on.”

Rossi is currently up for an Independent Spirit Award for his role of Youcef in Emily the Criminal, starring opposite Aubrey Plaza. The film was named one of Obama’s top films of last year and it climbed to #2 on Netflix’s most-watched chart.

The story follows Lebanese immigrant Youcef who has resorted to joining in a cousin’s credit card fraud business in order to try and make a better life for himself and his mom. Meanwhile, Emily is steeped in student debt and unable to get any work beyond casual minimum-wage gigs because she has a criminal conviction in her past. Together, Youcef and Emily try desperately to beat the odds, with very mixed results.

Next up, Rossi has Carry On, which stars Taron Egerton as a TSA agent blackmailed by Jason Bateman’s character into carrying a suspicious package on board an aircraft.

Rossi described the movie thus: “It’s Die Hard with Taron Egerton playing Bruce Willis, and me and Jason Bateman are playing Alan Rickman and the blonde twins. It’s set in an airport and it’s crazy.”

Jaume Collet-Serra (Jungle Cruise, Black Adam) directs and Carry On is set for release later this year. As with Die Hard, the action is set around Christmas Day, so we may have to wait a while.

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