This Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia Makes the Perfect Companion to Tears of the Kingdom


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Nintendo’s latest and highly anticipated installment of the Legend of Zelda series, “Tears of the Kingdom,” sold more than 10 million copies in just three days, so it’s no surprise that complementary merch, like the Zelda Nintendo Switch and this The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia, have also become immediate bestsellers since the game’s buzzy May release.

Even the most ardent Zelda fans, who likely racked up hundreds of hours of gameplay 2017’s Breath of the Wild alone, will probably need a refresher before delving into Tears of the Kingdom, Nintendo’s 2023 direct sequel. The new iteration marks the most complex Zelda game yet — from an expanded, multi-layered Hyrule to all new abilities for Link to explore.

That’s where the complementary encyclopedia comes in hand. Published by Dark Horse Comics, the 320-page tome can be considered the most comprehensive compendium of Zelda knowledge that exists, brimming with facts about the creatures and curiosities that make up the land of Hyrule.

The book starts off with a helpful Zelda timeline, with brief explanations and graphics, which can be referenced throughout the rest of the book. The information is organized through an archival rather than narrative approach, guiding the reader to what aspects of the game are the most important — much of which can be overlooked when playing the game blind. The most surprising focus may be the entries for the lesser-known grunt enemies called Blins, who get their very own backstory and timeline in the encyclopedia, with revelatory details on their communal lifestyle and rich diet.

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