Writers Get Creative With Picket Line Slogans: “Oh, And Stop Saying “Well Told” At The End Of Pitches” – Update


UPDATED: It’s a sign … that no one’s creativity is letting up after 15 days on the picket line.

Protesting over past and future lost wages is serious business, but leave it to Hollywood scribes to find the levity in the most depressing of situations. Along with the impromptu flash mobs and surprise appearances (that’s Patty Jenkins with Chris Pine, people!), the WGA is still proving that it’s got the write stuff when it comes to creating the perfect placard.


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“Mini room maxi ream,” says one.

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“Fair contracts give you residuals. Residuals make you happy. Happy people don’t shoot their husbands,” said another.

We’d hand out Deadline merchandise for the best sign but … a cheap hat won’t pay your bills. So we hope you’ll settle for the glory of appearing on the site that Nikki made big. Do it for Mama Finke!


Keep refreshing for updates….

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