20 Songs to Celebrate 20 Years of Banda MS


Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizárraga, better known as Banda MS, its among banda’s greatest musical innovators. The group’s monumental 20-year career parallels banda music’s continued rise. 

With its heady 17-album discography, which dates back to 2004, the troupe — led by Sergio Lizárraga and now fronted by Alan Ramírez and Oswaldo Silvas Carreón — has not only managed to uphold the century-old regional tradition for two decades, but they’ve demonstrated they aren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone. 

The Sinaloense band has shown this time over time — whether incorporating rap verses courtesy of Snoop Dogg (and soon Ice Cube), fusing it with other regional styles, like mariachi alongside Christian Nodal, or giving it the pop balladry treatment with the help of Camila’s Mario Domm.

Sergio Lizárraga tells Billboard Español: “You have to always be aware of what’s going on, what is new — but above all you must be open to everything. That’s what we have done and it has worked. The proof is in collabs like [our song with] Snoop Dogg. Another duet with Ice Cube will happen very soon, one that will pleasantly surprise the public.”

On their latest efforts with Mario Domm, “Un Chingo de Tequila,” Domm adds “About a year ago I wrote a song and I thought it was something very different from all I had done in my life and I asked myself who was the most important banda artist, and immediately I thought of Banda MS. It’s something new for me; I’m singing something different, new, but I feel comfortable doing it. I am happy to collaborate with Alan, with Walo, in short, with the whole team that has been incredible with me.”

With constant novelty but true to their original rugged essence, it’s no surprise why the wildly viral and chart-topping band has achieved such a large fervid fan base. Their ambitious, tambora-driven sound reveals the vibrant nuances of the genre, as these 20 videos show, while always demonstrating their devotion to their beloved Sinaloense music.

Without further ado, here are 20 songs to celebrate Banda MS’s 20-year career, in random order.

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