7 DIY Costume Ideas to Dress as Your Favorite Latin Artist This Halloween

Becky G Mi Casa Tu Casa Tour Grand Prairie Tx Billboard 1548.jpg

Halloween is just five days away, and for those last-minute costume shoppers, Billboard has you covered. 

This year, we’ve compiled seven easy and quick costumes to channel your favorite Latin music stars — which you can do yourself at home, with things you either already own or can thrift at an affordable price over the weekend. 

The list includes solo costumes, such as Becky G’s sassy and monochromatic fits during her 2023 Coachella set and Mi Casa, Tu Casa tour. There’s also the emblematic Feid costume, which is probably the easiest thing to build: shorts, sneakers, green cap, white sunglasses, mustache, and voila mor!, you’re El Ferxxo. On TikTok, the artist even shared a very detailed video with the steps to follow to dress up as the Colombian singer-songwriter yourself. 

If you and a friend or your significant other don’t have un disfráz, don’t stress! The list includes co-ed ideas such as Karol G and Shakira in their empowering “TQG” music video; Maluma and Carin León dressed as two fashionable vaqueros in the “Según Quién” music video; and the “it” couple of the moment, Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole during their “Por Las Noches” performance at the 2023 Billboard Latin Music Awards. 

How about for you and the squad? We got that too! For the Música Mexicana lover, we suggest calling your friends and dressing up as Bad Bunny and Grupo Frontera in the “un x100to” music video. Despite needing to have your cellphone at one percent charge to really bring the costume to life, this group idea is simple and fun. 

And of course, we can’t leave behind the iconic RBD costume, especially for this year where the group made its official comeback after 15 years. For this costume, you can either seek inspiration from their Soy Rebelde Tour or go the best route and dress in their signature Elite Way uniform. 

Check out the recommendations for each of these costumes below, and Happy Halloween!

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