Carin León Breaks Down 5 Essential Songs From ‘Colmillo De Leche’ Album


Carin León, the artist born Óscar Armando Díaz de León Huez, is one of the most prominent and influential figures in Regional Mexican music today, known for his rich storytelling and dazzling instrumental skills. On Thursday (May 18), the singer/songwriter releases Colmillo de Leche, an 18-track studio album titled after the Mexican analogy of a milk tooth — which for him means that sometimes we may think we are experienced in life, but unexpected events can quickly change our perspective.

Over a phone call from Los Angeles, the Mexican superstar reflected to Billboard about his new project as he prepared to announce his first U.S. arena tour, the Colmillo de Leche Tour, presented by AEG, hitting 27 arenas beginning Aug. 10 in Rosemont, Ill., and wrapping up Oct. 8 in Charlotte, N.C.

“It’s a new era for me, definitely in all aspects,” León tells Billboard. “In my way of thinking, I want to convey what I want in my music. In all the connection between what happened in my personal life and a person’s maturity, it is also noticeable and influences your music.”

The album is being released during the same week he performed for the first time at one of the most significant venues in Mexico, Mexico City’s Auditorio Nacional, fulfilling one more dream in his career.

It’s a love letter to music for which León collected compositions from other songwriters over the past two and a half years, songs that connected with him at a time when the lyrics told him more about himself. “I didn’t feel like I was in the circumstances of wanting to express myself, of being able to say what I had at that moment,” León says. “But, more than anything, these songs connected with me, and apart from the production, they told me how they wanted to dress and show themselves on this record, and I think I like to see this record that way. It’s like transforming the songs into how you want to express yourself.

Te set navigates through various rhythms, including soul, flamenco, pop and salsa, incorporating perfect Mexican regional blends made by Sonora musicians. “Ninety-five percent of the musicians on this record are Sonorans, and those who are not are people from somewhere else who live in Hermosillo,” the Sonora-born singer adds.

Below, León shares the significance of five essential tracks on Colmillo de Leche, in his own words.

No Es Por Acá

When I heard it, it was a song without any complexity, but it touched me a lot. We decided to do it like this style with a little sierreño blues but minimalist with some instruments. God allowed this song to be a success, and when we sing it onstage, it’s a total success.

“Ni Me Debes Ni Te Debo” (Carin León x Camilo)

The song with Camilo comes out the day the album is released. It’s a very beautiful song, and when I heard it, I was even imagining the production at the same time; I wanted to put some strings. I wanted to make a string quintet of something a little more intimate, and what Camilo did is incredible to me, and we are delighted with that song.

“De Piedra a Papel” (Carin León x Pablo Alborán)

I have been working on a song with Mr. Pablo Alborán for quite some time now. We’ve put a lot of effort into it, including the production, which involved working with a mariachi band and incorporating some interesting elements. We added a touch of flamenco and a sound reminiscent of ’90s Italian pop, similar to artists like Eros and Laura Pausini. Through this song, I aimed to showcase my musical influences and experiences.

Vete Yendo” (Carin León x Ángela Aguilar)

It is a collaboration that we did with Ángela Aguilar, who is like the language spoken amid flamenco rumba, salsa, and Latin. And we try to do it with our regional sound, a very Mexican theme, and lyrics that resemble Spanish flamenco.

Primera Cita

It is a significant song, which today is giving us some exciting surprises that people are connecting a lot with this song. I had wanted to make a soul of doing this mid-century theme for a while. The guitars have all been through amplifiers with a slightly dark sound. More focused on feeling with some lyrics by Mr. Alejandro Lozano, proudly Hermosillense and who has a very northern theme.

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