First Stream Latin: New Music From Tiago PZK, Carlos Rivera, María Becerra & More


First Stream Latin is a compilation of the best new Latin songs, albums and videos recommended by the Billboard Latin editors. Check out this week’s picks below.

Yandel, R3SISTENCIA (Y Entertainment/Sony Music Latin)

On the eve of his 46th birthday (Jan. 14), Yandel unleashes his seventh solo studio album R3SISTENCIA (resistance), best showcasing how he’s still standing strong in the ever-evolving reggaetón world. Home to 17 tracks, including this latest single “Yandel 150” with Colombian star Feid, the album not only boasts Yandel’s high-pitched, husky vocals and innovative beats, but also spotlights the new generation: Young Miko (“Cuando Te Toca”), Tiago PZK (“Delincuente”) and his Y Entertainment artist Catalyna (“Palabras”). “This project defines what I am living at this very moment, because no matter the hustle, the pressure, the time, years, or transitions; I’m still here,” the Puerto Rican artist says in a statement, “stronger than ever, flowing with the movement without altering my essence, and revealing all the elements that are in every single part of me.” Other collaborators on the set include Wisin, Baby Rasta y Gringo, Maluma, Arcángel and Eladio Carrión. — JESSICA ROIZ

Lasso, “Plástico” (Universal Music Group México)

The year 2022 was a remarkable one for Venezuelan singer-songwriter Lasso, due to his massive hit “Ojos Marrones.” Now, he’s released his new single, “Plástico,” a track that finds him navigating electronic sounds and ’80s pop rock, which he fuses with synth sounds. It all makes the perfect canvas for his raspy vocals and melancholic lyrics. “Plástico” is about how strong a heart can become, no matter how many heartbreaks it’s gone through. “I keep going, I don’t need you to live/ You are not air or medicine for me,” he sings. — INGRID FAJARDO

ROBI, “Tu Mundo” (Interscope Records) 

With its carefree and flirtatious spirit, “Tu Mundo” by Puerto Rican upstart ROBI dazzles. In fact, the song is an indicator that he might likely be on his way to attaining stardom, like that of a pop chameleon who will show you the world with uncanny genre versatility. He first became known as a reggaetón-pop force, making waves with his viral reggaetón song “Pantysito” alongside Alejo and Feid; his follow-ups gained him Billboard’s seal of approval as an Artist on the Radar. Equipped with poppy synth riffs and brilliant electric guitar, which harken back to the kitschy electro-pop productions of indie vets like Circo and Dënver, ROBI sings about an otherworldly love with playfulness. It’s rhythmically insatiable and conjures the exhilaration of a new crush. — ISABELA RAYGOZA

Carlos Rivera & Melissa Robles, “Un Viaje a Todas Partes”

Carlos Rivera is a hopeless romantic in his new single “Un Viaje a Todas Partes,” which previews his upcoming album due later this year. Penned by Rivera and produced by Julio Reyes Copello, the gorgeous ballad — which features Matisse’s Melissa Rivera — unites two powerful vocalists, who exchange heartfelt verses about hoping that life lasts many years, so they can keep dedicating love songs to each other. “This is the most honest and direct album I’ve written and this song is one of the most special ones — it represents a lot to me,” Rivera says about the track and his upcoming set. “I wanted it to have a feminine voice that could give it that depth that I was looking for. Of course, it couldn’t be with anyone else other than my beloved Mel.” — GRISELDA FLORES

Los Dos Carnales, “Se Me Soltó el Hocico” (AfinArte Music)

Los Dos Carnales present their first single of 2023, the heartfelt “Se Me Soltó el Hocico,” which loosely translates to “my tongue loosened” or “I talked too much.” Penned by Aarón Martinez, the heartbreak ballad — backed by a romantic norteño melody and a weeping accordion — narrates the story of a man who’s had one too many drinks and drunk-dialed his ex. “I see how you treat him, hugs and kisses/ You’re using the same tricks as when we first met/ Sorry for the call, it’s already past:00 5 a.m. but I got drunk and talked too much,” goes part of the lyric. — J.R.

María Becerra, “Desafiando El Destino” (300 Entertainment)

María Becerra displays a softer and frankly more powerful side in her poignant “Desafiando el destino,” a bonus track to her previously released La Nena de Argentina. A love letter written to her parents, it begins with a slow, bluesy piano intro that gives way to Becerra’s vocals, tinged with melancholy as she sings to a video of old home movies that’s hard not get teary-eyed about. Backup gospel-choir touches, tastefully placed over the sparse arrangement, lend even more pathos to this very beautiful track. Parents will be proud, and Becerra would do well to explore more material of this ilk. — LEILA COBO

Tiago PZK, “Bemaste” (Warner Music Latina/Grand Move Records)

On Tiago PZK’s confessional ballad “Bemaste,” the Argentinian trap star delivers his heart in a song that can simply be described as chilling. The single reveals another side of the Argentinian trap star that feels extraordinarily intimate. Its beautiful, stripped-down keys and lo-fi production set the stage for Tiago’s lyricism, as he candidly articulates what finding love and devotion can feel like, while navigating the all-consuming vortex of fame. “I consider this song the first work of art of my career, conceptually and audio-visually, from the bottom of my heart,” Tiago PZK tells Billboard Español in an email exchange. “I don’t have any expectations, because before I have one, I’m simply fulfilled to have created this song and what it means to me. Do not put barriers to love.” The song will be included on his upcoming album Portales Deluxe— I.R.

TINI, La Joaqui & Steve Aoki, “Muñecas” (Hollywood Records)

TINI strikes again with an irresistible cumbia, this time in collaboration with emerging rapper La Joaqui from Argentina, and EDM icon Steve Aoki. After releasing back-to-back cumbias with “Miénteme” alongside María Becerra and the L-Gante-assisted “Bar” last year, the Argentine singer-songwriter kicks off the new year with an equally danceable track fused with electronic beats. “Muñecas” effortlessly combines TINI’s sweet vocals, La Joaqui’s razor-sharp lyricism and Aoki’s signature sound. — G.F.

Justin Quiles & Myke Towers, “Whiskey y Coco” (Warner Music Latina)

“Whiskey y Coco” finds Justin Quiles and Myke Towers chanting what could possibly become a 2023 anthem for the ladies. “She has a cool combo, a nice butt, and everything she wears looks great/ She doesn’t cry for an a–hole/ She has a mission, a colorful vision/ It doesn’t matter if she wins or loses, she’s always righ,” Quiles kicks off the track. As always, Towers surprises with his slick rap verses when the song (produced by BK, Dimelo Flow, and Slow Mike) transforms from edgy reggaetón to old-school perreo. — J.R.

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