Nathy Peluso on the Freedom of Making Music ‘Without Being Constrained By Societal Expectations’


Armed with confidence, artistic prowess and infectious beats and lyrics, Nathy Peluso has quickly become one of the most fascinating artists of our time.

After releasing her first full-length album Calambre in 2020, which scored her a few Latin Grammy nominations, Peluso was catapulted to worldwide acclaim — thanks to a creative spirit that’s allowed her to thrive in different spaces, as a true chameleon in the industry. She’s taken genres such as salsa, bachata, R&B, pop and funk and effortlessly made them her own.

“The best advice I’ve received as a woman in music was from my mom, to never compromise my authenticity for anyone or anything,” the “Estás Buenísimo” singer tells Billboard.

In honor of Women’s History MonthBillboard kicked off its “Las Poderosas” series, featuring a select number of powerful Latinas who get real about the word “empowerment,” their space in Latin music, and more. The series launched Monday (March 20) with LALI, which you can read here.

Below, our exclusive Q&A with Peluso:

What does empowerment mean to you as an artist and as a woman?

Empowerment to me as an artist and as a woman means having the freedom to express myself, create my art, and make my own decisions without being constrained by societal expectations or prejudices. It’s about embracing my identity and my strength and inspiring others to do the same.

What does empowerment NOT mean to you?

Empowerment does NOT mean putting others down or diminishing their experiences. It’s not about being better than anyone else, but rather about recognizing and celebrating our unique qualities and using them to uplift and support each other.

What is the best advice you have received as a woman in music?

The best advice I’ve received as a woman in music was from my mom, to never compromise my authenticity for anyone or anything. Staying true to myself, my values, and my art has been key to my success and personal fulfillment. 

Which woman has served you as a mentor or role model? Who do you admire and why?

I have always admired J.Lo for her incredible talent, work ethic, and multifaceted career. She has broken barriers for Latinas in music, film, and business. 

Have things changed for Latin women in music in the last five years and how?

In the last five years, things have changed for Latin women in music in many ways. There is now more visibility, representation, and support for female artists in the industry. We have seen a rise in successful Latina singers and songwriters across various genres, breaking down stereotypes and challenging the status quo. While progress has been made, there’s still much work to be done to ensure equal opportunities and recognition for Latin women in music.

What is your favorite “girl power” song?

My favorite “girl power” song is “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. It’s a classic anthem that has inspired generations of women to stand up for themselves and demand the respect they deserve.

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