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Quitapenas Shares “La Educación”- The First Single off Of Their Forthcoming Album Tigrada

“On “La Educación” the band uses their platform to harken education to a social weapon which governments increasingly deny its people – causing a widening divide in the classes.” – Remezcla

Tigrada is Out August 9 via Cosmica

“At the heart of the group is a tropical Afro-Latin combo, brewed under the warm California sun with a certain liberation in their sound as summed up in the meaning of their name: Quita (remove) Penas (worries)” -Wax Poetics

“La educación es el arma del pueblo” -Quitapenas

Quitapenas is the last thing you’d expect to come out of the Inland Empire- an infectious Afro-Latin combo that has an energy echoing the radical music of the 60’s and 70s, while sonically collaging influences from Angola, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, and beyond. It’s urban Tropicalia without restraint. The group’s presence has become essential in Southern California, catapulting them onto stages across the country, including Grand Park and Coachella.

Quitapenas grew, and continues to grow, with the unrelenting help of their community, which is something they don’t take lightly. Their songs often speak on the realities of the world they come from, which are often those difficult conversations we often try to avoid. Their forthcoming album, Tigrada, is a fierce-yet-joyful confrontation of the state of our world today- a look at all of the missing pieces and a refreshing tool for us to collectively fill in the gaps.

The first single, released today, is called La Educación. Inspired by the 2006 teacher union protests in Oaxaca, the song is a howling declaration of the power of education, literally calling it a weapon. “The lyrics reflect a narrative that supports the peoples right to take to the streets for education,” says the band’s Daniel Gomez,Although the actual events that took place were devastating and unjust, the music is uplifting and positive. With ingredients from Champeta, Soukous, and High-Life, the composition is intended to provide hope, support, and the idea that a community’s togetherness can bring positive change.”

The album continues in a similar fashion, tackling tough concepts with a grace and a lightness that will keep you dancing possibly forever- something only Quitapenas could figure out how to do.

Tigrada is out on August 9 via Cosmica Records.

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