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Tijuana Panthers Release A New Single “Little Pamplemousse” – Parenthood With A Garage Rock Twist

ijuana Panthers’ New Single ‘Little Pamplemousse’ Is A Garage Ode To Fatherhood
Check Out The Track Premiere On What Youth

Their Album, ‘Carpet Denim’ Is Out On
Innovative Leisure July 12

The band will be touring the U.S. With Together PANGEA This Summer + Announce SoCal Record Release Shows With No Age In September

“the band’s refusal to play by the book is a blessing to the ears.” – KEXP
“Cribbing as much from Brian Wilson’s lyrical topics as they take from DickDale’s reverb-soaked guitar tone” – Noisey / Vice

The new Tijuana Panthers single, Little Pamplemousse, is a sweet ode to new parenthood. ‘Little Pamplemousse’ is a nickname I gave my son Levi,’ says drummer Phil Shaheen, “I thought he looked like a little grapefruit with his red hair and peach skin tone. The name stuck and everyone now calls him ‘lil pamp’. The song is about having my first child, it hints at some of the mundane and wild that goes down day to day. The outro guitar solo is the sound of me trying to keep up with my son who is determined to go three different directions at once.

The single is the second off of the band’s forthcoming album, Carpet Denim, which comes out on July 12 via Innovative Leisure. On the new album, the Long Beach band of goofballs brings us their signature sun-drenched glowy-ness, this time with a new air of maturity- from tighter sounds to deeper subjects (including, in this case, fatherhood). Carpet Denim is an album that doesn’t fear darkness, rather, approaches it with a little bit of light in hand.

The album very intentionally balances the heavy stuff with some of life’s lighter subjects- like nostalgia about growing up in Long Beach and Twin Peaks fandom (listen- you’ll hear it). Genuine to the sound that started turning heads years ago, the band also experiments with more minimal and abstract elements.

The band returned to their hometown of Long Beach, CA to record Carpet Denim at Jazzcats studio. Unlike earlier albums such as Poster and Wayne Interest – which were recorded in a flash-bang, marathon sitting, the band’s latest album was methodically assembled by Jonny Bell over multiple days. Pouring over production, Carpet Denim is a collective deep breath that weaves together years of songwriting — all jam-packed with summertime vibes, peaks of punk rock and Tijuana Panthers’ signature oddball adventures.

Carpet Denim- Tijuana Panthers

1. Path Of Totality
2. First Date
3. 710
4. Little Pamplemousse
5. Owl Eyes
6. End Of My Rope
7. Garbage Person
8. I Don’t Mind
9. Generation Singular
10. TV People
11. Different Side Of Town
12. You Died
13. Rat Tail
14. Friday Night Baby




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