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Cheryl Burke is still in pain.

The pro-dancer injured her thigh and groin area during her Monday-night performance with partner, pro wrestler Chris Jericho. “My adrenaline just overpowered me a little bit,” she says. “There’s a part in the paso doble where I go down, and I went down a little too fast. I think I overstretched it and ripped something in there.”


She’s been forced to hang up her heels—but for how long?

Fortunately, Burke should be good to go by the time she and Jericho have to perform a Viennese waltz next Monday. “As long as I don’t go straight into my heels right away, I’ll be fine,” she said. “For now, it’s my dance sneakers.”

We’re surprised she hasn’t been hurt sooner. “The hardest part with Chris would be getting him to stand up straight and to move me around the floor, but not in a wrestling way,” Burke said. “He used to like choke me to dip me, but now he knows how to handle me a little bit more gracefully.”

And remember when Jericho told me he didn’t mind all the rhinestones, spandex and sparkles of the show’s signature costumes? Well, even Burke is a little surprised by how enthusiastic he is about it.

“He’s always begging me to put more rhinestones on his outfits,” she laughed. “He’s loving it. He just wants as many rhinestones as possible.”

Yeah, but when will we see him dancing in a pair of those crotch-hugging wrestling shorts? Burke joked, “I think we’ll save that for the samba.”

At least I think she was joking.





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