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2012 Olympics: Watch Bear Grylls Zip-Line for the Torch Relay

2012 Olympics: Watch Bear Grylls Zip-Line for the Torch Relay 1

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The former Man vs. Wild star continues to keep things,  well, wild.

Bear Grylls joins the big names on the Olympic Torchbearers list by jogging  zip-lining from the top of the Tyne Bridge and across the river, while carrying  the Olympic Flame during the torch relay leg through Newcastle upon Tyne  today.

Wish you could’ve seen it? You can!

Thousands of people lined the river to watch the finale of the flame’s  journey through Newcastle and went crazy after Bear completed the slide from the  top of the bridge’s 195 foot arch with fireworks.

If you’re wondering whether or not the flame was able to endure such high  winds, you weren’t alone, but don’t fret—it totally can.

“I was kind of worried about the torch going out but it stayed alight,”  Grylls said afterward. “It was amazing. I was a bit nervous about rope and fire  but it was fine and we are in one piece.

“They said the torch had been tested in a wind tunnel, but you don’t really  know. A wind tunnel’s one thing, but the Tyne Bridge when it’s a bit blowy is a  different thing.”

The Mud, Sweat & Tears author tweeted before the festivities  began, “heading to Newcastle with @eastcoastuk – thank you for looking  after my family so well. Am focussed for Olympic torch zipline tonight!”

Mission accomplished.

by Bruna Nessif



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