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250,000 Wall of Empowerment Aims to Propel Urban & African American Teenage Girls to Greatness

250,000 Wall of Empowerment Aims to Propel Urban & African American Teenage Girls to Greatness 1

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“Building the Self-Confidence of Teenage Girls in Urban and African American Communities”


Ruby Taylor, M.S.W., sees a future populated with teenagers who are doing great things.

As a social worker in inner city schools, Taylor is concerned that the lack of confidence and self-esteem of teenage girls will keep them from reaching their greatness.

It was that concern that became the basis for her new project, “The 250,000 Wall of Empowerment for Urban Teenage Girls.”

The 250,000 Wall of Empowerment will help to get the book “Confidence to Greatness for Teenage Girls” along with one I AM PRICELESS bracelet into the hands of urban and African American teenage girls, for free.

The 250,000 Wall of Empowerment for Teenage Girls will list the names of teenage girls on the virtual wall and match them with PRICELESS sponsors. PRICELESS sponsors will pay $20 to sponsor one teenage girl or $100 to sponsor five teenage girls.

“Confidence to Greatness for Teenage Girls” book contains real-life stories written by Taylor and 11 other women from across the United States, who tell stories of their struggles in their teen and young adult years. Some of the women are professionals who work to empower women through change and growth, and others are everyday people who have a story to tell. To offer a male viewpoint, one man also takes part in the book.

The book also includes a self-worth quiz, poems, and action steps that involve healing, trust, values, failure, volunteering, and more.

Ruby’s goal is to instill confidence in urban teenage girls so that the choices they make are touchstones to success, not hinges on traps they may find themselves caught in for life.

Her vision is simple and ambitious: help 250,000 urban teenage girls develop and/or increase their self-confidence, one book and one bracelet at a time.

 Ruby Taylor is not alone, on her mission to help teenage girls to find their path to personal greatness. Many have signed up to help Taylor’s empowerment project, such as “Queenly and Confident” blog; Andrew Davis, founder of ClipperBeast barbershop in New Orleans; “For Colored Gurls” Blog by Jamie Fleming-Dixon; Tonjolia Davis, owner of Every Girl is A Princess; Cindy Brown of “The Girl’s Guide to Swagger”; and Natalie Meade, director of programs for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Chesapeake.

“The 250,000 Wall of Empowerment for Urban Teenage Girls is a movement to empower urban teenage girls to increase their confidence and self-worth so they can make better choices, which will lead them to their personal greatness,” says Taylor.





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