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4 Traveling Tricks As Shared By Supermodel Cindy Bruna To Make Your Stay Easier


For many of us, packing for a trip can be a bit of a chore, just another task to check off the list before the real adventure—a beachside holiday, a long-weekend ski trip, a week in northern Italy—begins. But for those whose jobs require them to travel nonstop, packing can feel like just another part of life—something akin to brushing your teeth or grabbing an espresso on the way to the gym.

That’s certainly the case for model Cindy Bruna, who packs for a sunny Miami escape and includes a few key jewelry pieces from David Yurman. Thanks to her job, Bruna often finds herself jetting to even more far-flung locales like Thailand, South Africa, and Cuba—and sometimes all in the span of just over a week. “You never know where I’m going to end up,” the French-born beauty says, laughing.

Suffice to say, all that global gallivanting doesn’t come without a few travel mishaps—and also, some well-earned travel expertise. Below, Bruna shares her top tips for packing, beating jet lag, and making the most of any trip.

Do a Weather Check
Bruna recommends doing a quick check of the weather in your intended destination before you start packing—but not just so you know what to bring. “Mostly, it’s to know if you’re going to have a good time—if the weather’s going to be good,” she says. “You know, when you’re leaving a place that’s freezing and you’re going somewhere warm? There’s no better feeling.”

Get Packing
Bruna is not a minimalist when it comes to packing: “I always have everything: sweaters, jackets, flip-flops, shorts, swimsuits, jewelry.” While that may sound excessive, there’s a good reason for all the extras. “One time I went to Miami for just one night for a shoot. I was supposed to come back to New York afterward, so I just brought one small handbag with some shorts. But when I arrived in Miami, I learned I’d been booked in London for a job the next day. I had to go straight there without a jacket or a sweater, just my shorts. It was winter and it was freezing!” she recalls.

Don’t Forget Accessories
“I pack basic clothing for work, but I always bring accessories—especially necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and sunglasses,” says Bruna, who recommends wearing most of your jewelry on the plane. “The right accessories are the easiest way to change your look, whether it’s for day or a night on the town,” she explains.

Beat Travel Fatigue
It’s not uncommon for the model to spend just a few days in a given destination, leaving little time for acclimating to a new time zone—let alone getting any rest. But she has come up with a simple solution to keeping her energy up. “Right away when I arrive, I like to work out,” she explains. “It sounds weird, but it really prevents jet lag.” Bruna recommends doing 30 minutes of exercise alone in your hotel room: “Nothing major, but just enough to wake you up when you arrive feeling tired. It wards off jet lag and the exhaustion.”




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