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5 Most Ridiculous Rumors of the Week…So Far

We’re only halfway through the week, but that doesn’t stop the tabloids from generating some juicy gossip. Let’s see what rumors they have cooked up so far this week.

1. Jada Cheating With Marc Anthony

Within hours of reporting a Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith split, tabloids have reported that Marc AnthonyJ-Lo‘s hubby, is rumored to be the reason for this split. Other gossip rags are denying that rumor, saying that the Jadaand Marc union is merely a fantasy. Will and Jada have denied their split, and rumors of infidelity have been dispelled by the couple as well. Tabloids disagree, however, and report Will was the one who got the surprise when he decided to spontaneously pop in on his wife of 13 years, but left crying instead. Which of these chismes do you believe?

2. Jennifer Aniston is Expecting

There have been reports of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux settling down and trying to have a baby. Friends say the couple has been moving fast, but they feel they are ready to move onto a new stage in their relationship and take that next step. They just came back from a vacation together in which Jenwas said to have adhered to a stringent dietary and yoga regimen, because she was detoxing. Friends have also reported her having bouts of morning sickness, suggesting a baby may soon be on its way. Really?

3. Rihanna May Have  Sex Tape

It’s been a while since good sex tape gossip has circulated around the internet. Well, rest easy, Rihanna broke that drought with a rumor that she and singer J Cole have made a sex tape based on screen shots and the report that he had lost his phone. Rihanna was recently spotted in Barbados with Cole, who was filming a video, during a brief hiatus she had taken from her tour.

4. Rumors of Jorge Ramos and Ana Barbara Romance

It was heard through the grapevine that Jorge Ramos has been involved in arelationship with singer Ana Barbara, who is currently pregnant from artificial insemination. Now las malas lenguas are wondering whether he could be the father of her baby. However, Ana Bárbara denied it this Wednesday, saying, “Quiero dejar en claro que el Sr. Jorge Ramos, a quien conozco poco pero admiro desde hace muchos años, “NO ES EL PADRE DE MI HIJO”.

5. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds Engaged?

For a long time, public sightings of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds have spawned rumors of their potential romance and engagement. After Sandra’sdivorce to Jesse James in June of 2010 and Ryan Reynolds’ divorce toScarlett Johansson in December 2010, the co-stars have been seen getting cozier and cozier with each other. Let’s hope she’s finally found Mr. Right. It’s only fair. Jesse is living it up with Kat Von D, why can’t Bullock have a little fun? However, rumors of her engagement seem to be exaggerated.

Which one of these juicy rumors do you think are true?



by Ikam Acosta

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