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‘50 Cent’ Has Significant Reservations Of Kanye running For President

‘50 Cent’ Has Significant Reservations Of Kanye running For President

50 Cent stopped by Conan Wednesday night to promote season 3 of his Starz show, Power, which provided a perfect lead into a discussion about this year’s race for the White House.

Conan lead into the subject by mentioning Kanye West’s now infamous declaration that he will be running for president in 2020 on a platform that will be based on listening to the kids, bro. “Do you like the idea of Kanye being president?” Conan asked, which garnered an almost immediate response from 50 who noted, “I like the idea of him running,” before quickly putting his hand over his lip to prevent any facial giveaway of his other emotions.

The late night host couldn’t resist pressing further and asked 50 point blank if he thinks Kanye would make a good president. 50 showed his own gift for politics with a very diplomatic and perfectly vague answer. “I just…That’s a lot of responsibility” before making the immediate connection to his non-traditional style with that of the presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump.

“It’s really no difference between Kanye running or Trump running is what you’re pretty much saying?” Conan asked to which 50 replied with a clear, point confirming, “I am saying that.”

The rapper didn’t comment on who he would be voting for necessarily, but it’s not hard to guess who has his vote based on his opinion of Trump.

Conan couldn’t let 50 out of the hot seat before pressing him about a few personal topics as well including his recent arrest in St. Kitts for using profanity during his set, his recent bankruptcy settlement that will once and for all end his financial troubles that only came after he annoyed the judge by posting with money on social media, or the real reason he decided to sell his Connecticut mansion. 50 proceeds to define the difference between declaring Chapter 7 versus Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the difference of laws in the Caribbean and the United States, and how the people interested in buying his home want to potentially transform it into a nursing home. 50 definitely keeps this interview interesting.



By Jessie Morris



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