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Katy Perry Targeted By Lawsuit From Former Stagehand Who Was Forced To Amputate Her Toe For “Negligent Care”

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Katy Perry has reportedly found herself on the receiving end of a lawsuit after a former stagehand filed a case claiming to have lost a toe while working backstage on the singer’s tour.

Christina Fish claims that while she was assisting backstage on the singer’s Prismatic World Tour in 2014, she suffered an injury to her right big toe which eventually led to amputation.

In a lawsuit seen by TMZ, Fish claims she was asked to move a wall backstage, but it became stuck and rolled over her foot, and she could ‘feel her shoe filling up with blood.’

She claims she was offered ice for the injury but no ambulance, leaving her to call a friend to take her to hospital.

The incident took place in Raleigh, North Carolina, and in images seen by TMZ, Fish’s toe turned black shortly after the accident as it became gangrenous.

She claims she was advised by doctors to leave the ‘dead toe’ in place for a long as possible before having it amputated. which she says left her incapacitated for months and suffering great emotional distress, and it’s noted in the lawsuit that she has since had to give up her passion of yoga due to the injury.

Fish is also suing Live Nation and several other stage production companies for an undisclosed sum.



By Katie Baillie


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