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A Quick Thought…

A Quick Thought...

After watching the way events have unfolded these past few days I’ve realized something that I think is essential to the continuation of a great society; a necessary factor, if you will.  It seems as though our society HAS that necessary factor, we just need to learn to use it.

Here it is:  The number of people who WANT to live in a harmonious society with peace, truth, justice and fairness FAR outnumber those that do not.  For some reason, however, we seem to allow the loudest voices to dictate our societal tract.  Why?

If so many of us want to live Harmoniously, why do we give those few dissenters the means in which to prosper?

If we want fair treatment, why isn’t universal respect and compassion the basis from which we teach ALL of our children?

Why don’t we teach that Respect is ABSOLUTE and does not waiver/increase due to economic or social measures?

If we want less guns on the street, why do we make it such a profitable business?

If we want our officials to be better at their jobs, why not create an atmosphere where we value education and reward intelligence and achievement?  That way we can choose the most capable among us to lead, teach, protect and serve.

If we want to be better people, why don’t we be better role models to our youth and let them use “Entertainment” as strictly that, and not a Lifestyle Guide.

If we want a better government, why not take it back (mentally)?  We feel so powerless, sometimes, against “The Government” but we often seem to forget that the U.S. government is of, by and for, THE PEOPLE. Not only is it OUR government… it is US! But we’ve somehow gotten to the point where we treat it like some external entity that is out of our control.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  One person.  One vote.

If the number of people who WANT to live in a harmonious society take note and Stand Up, it will be realized.





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