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Academy Denies Sasha Baron Cohen Banned From Oscars

Picture Borat wandering around the Academy Awards being Borat, trying to stuff Pamela Anderson into a potato bag, insisting it was his marriage sac. That would be hilarious. Why? Because we all saw the Borat movie.

Now picture some weirdo we haven’t seen before in a movie trying to do the same thing. We would probably call the police. With the possibility of Sasha Baron Cohen dressing up as a new character and attending the Oscars, everyone is on high alert.

Cohen will soon be starring in a satirical comedy called The Dictator, in which Sasha will be dressed in a white military uniform, sunglasses, and a long dark beard. Sasha’s character has

“risked his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed.”

Oh boy. Here come some socially awkward situations, if he manages to show up at the Academy Awards in full garb. This is exactly what the Academy does not want.

A spokesman from the Academy says Cohen is welcome to attend the event, but not appropriate to use it to plug the new film. The spokesman shared,

“We don’t think it’s appropriate, but his tickets haven’t been pulled. We’re waiting to hear back.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Cohen uses industry events to promote his films. Borat attended the Toronto International Film Festival in 2006. Bruno attended the MTV Video Music Awards three years later. If you think just showing up to these events is a bit subtle, he was launched into the air wearing a harness and landed in Eminem‘s lap during the MTV VMAs. Eminem stormed out, but I’m pretty sure he was in on it.

The Dictator will feature Megan Fox, Anna Farris, and John C Reily. It was based on the novel ‘Zabibah and the King,’ allegedly penned by Saddam Hussein, and is scheduled to be released in May.



By Ikam Acosta

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