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ADRIANA LUCIA Is Appointed “Messenger of Humanity”

ADRIANA LUCIA Is Appointed "Messenger of Humanity" 2

Colombian songwriter, Adriana Lucia, has been recognized as Messenger of Humanity within the framework of the International Humanitarian Day in the wake of the community effort achieved with her latest production, Porro Hecho En Colombia. Following the screening of the homonymous film-documentary, a percentage of the proceeds were donated to the Foundation Cantar de los Cantores which provides aid to the survivors of natural disasters.

Furthermore, the recognition was extended due to her role as organizer of the 2008 Cantar de los Cantores concert; a solidarity act to raise resources for the victims of the floods caused by the environmental tragedy of the same year.

Along with other fellow musicians, Adriana Lucia piloted the artists who unconditionally lent a hand with the distribution of humanitarian aid, especially in the state of Cordoba. Following this initiative Adriana Lucia also supported the gun control campaign of 2008 with the Colombian musician, Cesar Lopez, at the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York, during the Small Arms Control World Congress invited by IANSA (International Action Network on Small Arms). In addition, during the same year, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) appointed her as the “Ambassador of the Anti-trafficking Program.”

Head of the Foundation Cantar de los Cantores, which promotes the art and culture of youngster through the interpretation of musical instruments, Adriana Lucia travels much of the territory that was hit by the relentless rain back in 2008 in her documentary Porro Hecho En Colombia. Through the arts and the exposure of the Porro, Adriana Lucia promotes a musical genre that unites the rural community with the metropolis allowing the culture to persist.


About Messengers of Humanity:

Messengers of Humanity is a global community of opinion-makers who will be called to action during humanitarian crises, inspiring to share content via social networks and invite to act and make a difference.


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