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Alec Baldwin, John Krasinski Get Fired Up over Baseball


Baseball rivalry was rarely ever this fierce, or so funny.

This exclusive, two-minute PEOPLE.com preview of a commercial for New Era Caps – the latest installment in the New Era “Rivalry” campaign with Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski – will air during the New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox series opener Tuesday. 
In it, diehard fans Baldwin (New York) and John Krasinski (Boston) taunt each other over their respective teams – with the argument growing red hot, as Baldwin sets fire to an entire set of Sox tickets.

When the blaze grows out of hand, Baldwin yells for Krasinski to call “912.”

“What’s 912?” asks Krasinski.

“It’s 911 for rich people,” Baldwin replies.

Pandemonium ensues, as does, if you observe the drama until the bitter end, the possibility for a whole new sitcom … The Odd Couple Revisited.






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