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Alec Baldwin Rocks Season Premiere of Saturday Night Live!

Saturday Night Live is back!

Alec Baldwin was on hand to kick off the show’s 37th season, setting the record for the most times anyone has hosted the NBC laugher.


And of course he made sure SNL alum Steve Martin took note.

“This is my 16th time hosting, which means tonight I’m passing Steve Martin and setting a new record for the most times hosting SNL,” Baldwin gloated. “Now a lot of people make a big deal about the record. I don’t really care about that, it’s not a competition, because if it was a competition…I’ve won.”

“When you think about it time is on my side,” the 30 Rock star went on. “What is Steve? 100? So, no matter how many times he hosts, I’ll always have time to catch up.”

And just as Baldwin was doing some serious Martin bashing, in walked the famed comedian.

“Well aren’t we proud of ourselves,” Martin said. “I was just passing by the studio in full makeup and I heard you were breaking my hosting record, and while I’m happy for you I wanted to make sure you were doing it without the use of steroids or performance enhancing drugs.”

He asked Baldwin to give a urine sample, just to be sure, and then called upon the help of Seth Rogen, “an expert on drug use,” to lend a helping hand testing the sample.

But that wasn’t the only hilarious moment of the show.

The parody of Thursday night’s GOP debate, in which Baldwin portrayed politico Rick Perry and Kristen Wiig slapped on a wig and a red suit for a spot-on impersonation of Michele Bachman, was also a highlight.

Another stand-out skit was the Lost Audition Tapes for Top Gun, in which Baldwin impersonated Al Pacino and Bill Hader played Alan Alda.

So, tell us. What did you think of SNL‘s season premiere?




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