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Alejandro Sanz Dumps His Twitter Account

Who knew Alejandro Sanz was so sensitive? In a somewhat bizarre letter to his fans, the Spanish singer announced that he was dropping his Twitter account because of too many criticisms about his spelling. Not only that, he signed off with the harsh statement, “goodbye and burn!”

“Hoy decido que dejo de escribir en twitter hay un grupo de gente que me estan culpando de haber escrito ‘vuestra’ con ‘b’ cuando no es verdad, solo para dejarme en ridiculo,” Alejandro wrote. “Lo que yo escribi es ‘nuestra gente’ pero estoy harto de tanto ataque y tanta falacia, tanta mala baba y tanto esfuerzo para darle vida a gente sin alma, sin cultura y sin corazón. Leere los twitters de mi gente y escribire a quien quiera pero no pienso seguirle el juego a [email protected] gente sin corazon. Adios y que ardan.”

And keep in mind, Sanz wasn’t just a casual tweeter. At the time he dismantled the account, he was sporting roughly 2.5 million followers! We’re sure a good majority of them were ardent supporters of his music. So is he really leaving them all hanging because of a few disgruntled spell checkers?

It certainly looks like that’s the case. But, as we’ve seen in the past, celebs abandoning their Twitter accounts make a temporary decision. Both Demi Lovato andAlicia Machado came back to the twitterverse after extended breaks. Let’s hope Alejandro decides to do the same.


By Michael Lopez



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