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Alexander Skarsgård: “Failure Is Awesome”

In the new issue of Interview magazineAlexander Skarsgård opens up to Arcade Fire‘s lead singer, Win Butler, on failure, fans and his True Blood fangs.

And you’d think that a rebel rocker dude could get the Swedish ice king to open up, but not so much. Good thing he’s pretty!

But with a sky-rocketing career, a romance he keeps mum and looks to kill, it’s no wonder the 34-year-old actor isn’t afraid of failure…

“Failure is awesome,” Skars enthusiastically tells the mag.

“There’s a [SamuelBeckett quote, where he said, ‘Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail better.’ I love that quote,” the ever deep-thinking Skars reveals. “I think that’s what it’s all about. Failure is definitely underrated. Just fail again. Fail better.”

But with True Blood’s huge fan base already counting down the minutes until season four’s June 26 premiere, there aren’t many people out there who think Skars is a total loser.

“I think that meeting fans who feel like they know you and they know everything about you is actually very flattering,” reveals the usually shy Skars. “It means a lot to know that what you’re doing actually means something to someone.”

The only problem with being too good of an actor?

“I do get a lot of scripts sent to me where they basically want me to play Eric from True Blood, but just a different name in a different movie,” laments the lucky lad.

Jeez. This is almost as much of a crime as who the guy’s dating. Oh, one thing we were surprised to read? Skars told the mag, “I always have a carry-on bag with my rubber fangs and my black cape.”

For Kate Bosworth‘s sake, we hope he wasn’t joking, ’cause we all know Skars has been spending a wee bit too much time with his vanilla GF and he needs to seriously spice up his interview game.

Paging Professor Pettyfer, we have a pupil for you!






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