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Alexander Skarsgård Sinks His Teeth Into New Anti-Bullying PSA

You’d think with so many gay, lesbian and otherwise-oriented townies running around Bon Temps, the über-sexy cast and crew would have released viral videos for the It Gets Better project ages ago…but, better late than never, right?

And the first clips to hit the net come from some three sexy stars whose boob-tube alter egos aren’t afraid to get it on with guys and gals: Alexander SkarsgårdKristin Bauer van Straten and Rutina Wesley.

So do the PSAs pack a punch?

Not exactly.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re happy the HBO castmembers are speaking out for a good cause—especially The Trevor Project, an organization helping suicidal LGBT youth. And we do like that KBvS wasn’t afraid to get personal in her par-tick clip (kudos to her for best of the three, hands down).

But A.Skars and Rutina left a bit to be desired.

Actually, let’s just make that Rutina left a bit to be desired. She sings a little and tells you you’re great as you are. End of story. Hello?

Young gay kids who are about to kill themselves are somehow how going to be turned around in their thinking because Rutina, in all her pretty eye shadow, decides to hum a feel-good song?

More to the point is the anger gruff and sexy Skars channels when he says how “unacceptable” sexual discrimination is. Tough. To the point. Unequivocal—but with a heart.

Something somebody who’s been treated pretty heartlessly just might connect with.





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