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All Hail the Queen: Prince William and Kate Middleton Hitting the Road in Elizabeth’s Honor

Prince  William and Kate  Middleton have their marching orders.

As one might expect with an undertaking of this magnitude, plans are  already  being made as to how the royal family will celebrate Queen Elizabeth‘s Diamond Jubilee, marking her 60th year on the throne, in  2012.

They’re…leaving town?

In honor of his grandmum, William and Kate will tour Malaysia, Singapore,  Solomon Islands and Tuvalu next fall—all to spread the good word about the  queen’s milestone, which puts her time on the throne that much closer to Queen Victoria‘s all-time reign of 63 years and 216 days.

And while the happy couple are hitting up Asia, Prince  Harry will be dispatched—the poor lad—to Jamaica, Belize and the  Bahamas.

The Diamond Jubilee will also take Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, to Canada, Papua New Guinea,  Australia and New Zealand. Charles’ siblings, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew, will have  specific royal travel itineraries in the coming year, as well.

Holding down the fort back in the ole United Kingdom, will be the lady of the  hour herself and husband Prince Phillip, who will limit their  travels to their royal stomping grounds.




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